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Here are some questions for you to ask yourself. These are the same questions I will ask you
when you call me to help diagnose the problem with your knitting machine.
When was the last time you changed your sponge bar to
a brand new one?
(The sponge bar is also known as a needle pressure bar
or a felt bar. It resides under the needles inside the
knitting machine. It usually has sponge like material
attached to one side of a metal strip with plastic ends.)
Sponge bars will break down in 2 years time even if you
don't use them.
This can cause
  • the knitting machine to drop stitches
  • bend or break needles
  • make unusual noises or sound very loud
  • yarn hangs up on the end
When used with a G-Carriage
  • the problems listed above can be multiplied
  • knit carriage can work fine but g-carriage doesn't
When used with a ribber
  • alignment can be wrong
  • yarn hangs up on the ends
I changed the sponge bar recently but I am still having
Try moving the sponge bar over 3 - 5 needles to the left or
to the right and run the knitting machine. Sponge bars can
develop bad spots.
Now the knitting machine is dropping stitches in a new
Put in a new sponge bar. Don't put in one you have had
for 2 years or longer.
the sponge bar didn't change the area that was dropping
Time to check the pattern.
Punch card - Check the punch card to make sure that the
card itself is not damaged. Make sure to check the sides of
the card and the actual pattern. Look for larger holes or
rips in the card.
Mylar sheet - Check the sheet for foreign substances.
Such as oil from potato chips, cooking, machine lubricants.
Look for larger holes where it feeds into the card reader. If
you made the pattern yourself, did the ink smear or
Built-in - turn off the machine and consult the manual for
checking your built-in patterns. You can call us for
Make sure your yarn is able to move freely as it comes into
the yarn tension unit.
Try a different cone of yarn because cone yarn can have
uneven spots in it.
Check the sinker plate wheels and brushes to make sure
they are moving freely.
Still haven't fixed the problem
You will probably have to send it in for repair. You can call
us for the address and shipping instructions.